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Prepared for Life


Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, once said “Teach Scouts not how to get a living, but how to live’.  Since Scouting began over 100 years ago, the program has been continuously updated, but the fundamentals remain: to develop future leaders by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun. Troop 889 offers a year-round adventure-based program designed to offer and encourage effective character, citizenship, and fitness training for boys age 11-17.In addition to camping, Scouts are able to earn advancement and merit badge awards by learning and demonstrating skills within a particular area of study. asdfasdfjla;sdf;lkasdjf;aklsdj ;faklsdjf;alskdj fa;skldfja;sldkfja;sdklfja;skldfj;alsdkfja;lskdfj;alkdjf;aklsdjf;alskdfja;klsdfj;aklsjdf;askldjfa;kldfj;alksdjf;laksjdf;laksjdf;klasdf;klasd;fkljasd;ljasd;ljkasd;flkjasd;flkjasd;lfkjasd;lfkjasd;lfkjasd;flkjasd;flkasdf;lkjasd;flkjasd;fljk
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